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Biology Club ( Age 10-16 years)

Multi-day class

This 4 week course will help the learner to explores careers in biology, discusses breaking news about biology, shares crazy biology facts and memes...and everything else biology-related!

Mrs. Neetal k. Panwar.

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4 Weeks,2x a Week

How does a Multi-Day Course work?

A Multi-Day Course meets multiple times over one or more weeks. Learners join the teacher in live video chat sessions at scheduled times. Outside of these sessions, they can take part in a classroom discussion group and message the teacher directly. Longer courses create more opportunities: real-time activities, engaging projects, and interaction with diverse classmates from other states and countries.
45 Minutes Class Duration
1-8 Kids Class Size
Ages 10-16 Age Range
Rs. 2448 Total* Price Per Learner (Rs)

Available Times

Tue, Jan 11 - Feb 6

4 Weeks,2x a Week
9:00 PM - 9:45 PM

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Class Experience

 learners will share their love of Biology! Group posts will explore many topics, including an exploration of careers in biology, fascinating videos, funny biology memes, news articles, photos, and more! At any time, learners can also post additional topics that they want to discuss with fellow learners. There is no limit to the number of posts - students can share anything biology-related they want! As the moderator, my goal is to make sure that students have fun discussing biology in a safe and supportive environment. I will post content weekly, and students are allowed to add their own posts whenever they want. Group posts do not expire, so learners can also look back on past posts and contribute to the conversation for months to come.

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Notebook , Pencil

Not Required


This class will help the learner to explores careers in biology.

Will be given at the end of the class

will be assessed after the class

Not Required


Mrs. Neetal K. Panwar.

About Me

Hello , I am Neetal k.Panwar. I am your Biology & Chemistry teacher. Try to Utilize student’s feedback to develop intelligence for geneting leads. Drive education promoting activities to the students & promote new schemes. Analysis working strategies for development of students.
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