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Atoms to Molecules (Age 10-15 years)

Multi-day class

In this class, students will gain a basic understanding of atoms and how they make the molecules we see in daily life.

S vijaya

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1 Weeks,2x a Week

How does a Multi-Day Course work?

A Multi-Day Course meets multiple times over one or more weeks. Learners join the teacher in live video chat sessions at scheduled times. Outside of these sessions, they can take part in a classroom discussion group and message the teacher directly. Longer courses create more opportunities: real-time activities, engaging projects, and interaction with diverse classmates from other states and countries.
45 Minutes Class Duration
1-8 Kids Class Size
Ages 10-15 Age Range
Rs. 289 Total* Price Per Learner (Rs)

Available Times

Mon, Jan 10 - Jan 16

1 Weeks,2x a Week
5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

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Class Experience

Why should you not trust an atom? Because they make up everything!

This class is designed to provide an introduction to atoms and the world of chemical compounds. Many topics will be covered over this 1 week class that will give the student a basic understanding of atoms and how they form molecules.

Matter and Atoms

  • The states of matteratoms and subatomic particles
  • Fill in the blank note sheets for each 
  • labeling the states of matter
  • labeling the parts of atoms
  • filling in atom models
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I have taught chemistry and chemical engineering at the college level, and have been teaching science to home school elementary, middle and high school students for 5 years. I know how to present science in a fun way to boost students interest in the subject.

notebook and pencil

not required


understanding of atoms and how they make the molecules we see in daily life.

After every session worksheet will provided.

will be assessed after the class

nothing as such.


S Vijaya

About Me

I am science teacher and have 8 years experience of teaching in school and junior college. Expert in Biology and marathi.
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