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Factorization of Algebraic Expression (Grade 9 CBSE Board)

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Learn mathematics in a innovative manner along with the concepts so that Maths will become much more easier & interesting for students.

Dr. Navita Singh

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We all are familiar with the term, 'Factors'.

A factor is a number that divides the given number without any remainder. It simply means expressing a number as a multiplication of two other numbers. Similarly, in Algebra we write the algebraic expressions as a product of their factors. The only difference here is that an algebraic expression involves numbers and variables combined with an arithmetic operation like addition or subtraction.

In this lesson, we will learn about factorization, its meaning, how to factorize algebraic expressions using various methods, algebraic expressions and identities solved examples on factoring of polynomials and some interactive questions at the end.


  1. Factorization of algebraic expressions by using identities, 2. Zeros of polynomial.
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Note Book , pen or pencil, eraser , all required stationary



Knowledge is the life of the mind so improve your mathematical skill through innovative manner along with concepts so that Maths will become much more easier & interesting for you.

Tell kids daily take out at least 30 minutes to revise the concept and do practice the problems.

Feedback report, revision of topic.

Homework Assistance.


Dr. Navita Singh

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Hello everyone, I am Dr. Navita Singh from Moradabad Uttar Pradesh. I did my B.Tech (ECE), M.Tech (VLSI design), P.hD (ECE). I have 10+ years of teaching experience in different reputed engineering college of up.l"ll enjoy to teach kids & I m passionate to teach Maths and Vedic maths to kids.
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