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In our camp, we will be doing Folder Making, Bottle Designing, Turtle Making, Origami, Sun Painting

Shruti Agrawal

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1 Weeks,5x a Week

How does a Multi-Day Course work?

A Multi-Day Course meets multiple times over one or more weeks. Learners join the teacher in live video chat sessions at scheduled times. Outside of these sessions, they can take part in a classroom discussion group and message the teacher directly. Longer courses create more opportunities: real-time activities, engaging projects, and interaction with diverse classmates from other states and countries.
60 Minutes Class Duration
5-9 Kids Class Size
Ages 5-18 Age Range
Rs. 980 Total* Price Per Learner (Rs)

Available Times

Mon, May 10 - May 14

1 Weeks,5x a Week
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

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Class Experience

Hello Learners,

As you know this course is all about teaching and learning crafts of all types! So, we will be teaching Folder Making, Bottle Designing, Turtle Making, Origami and Sun Painting? 

Describing everything in brief:

•Folder Making  is all about making a DIY folder in which you can create different things which you do not get in regular Folders.
•Bottle Designing is a thing in which we design a bottle from scrap with our creativity.
•Turtle Making is about making a turtle showpiece,  Turtle is believed as a good luck in Hindu Superstition!
•Origami is something easy making from paper.
•Sun Painting is the last but not the least in which we will make a painting with the help of Sun or Surya Devta!

Learning Goal: We follow the 3R rule which is Reduce,Reuse and recycle...From trash to treasure.

Supply list-

earthern diya
Mouldit clay
Black acrylic paint
Pearl metallic paint
Painting brushes
Talcom powder

White cloth
Embroidery hoop
Fabric paint/acrylic paint
Paint brushes
7-8 Leaves from plant

colorful A4 sheets

sponge piece
1 scrap bottle
Black acrylic paint
Pearl metallic paint
1 white A4 sheet
Decorative beads

handmade sheet/colorful chart paper
5-6 pastel sheets A4
Basic stationery
Any thread.

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Well experienced in every form of Art and Craft.

Shared in the description.

No need of any external resource.

60 minutes

We follow the 3R rule which is Reduce,Reuse and recycle... From trash to treasure.

Leftover craft should be done till the next class

According to the age of the child.


Shruti Agrawal

About Me

Hey,myself shruti Agrawal .I have done economics hons from Delhi University and then MBA finance from ICFAI University. I have also cleared various competitive exams like SSC and UPSC. Then started my passion for solving sudoku around 2 yrs back and My passion has earned me an appreciable set of skills within a short span of time.
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