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Life Skills

Soft Skills: Career & Life Essentials (Age 11-18 years)

Multi-day class

In this introductory course, learners will explore 10 soft skills, participate in discussions to sharpen their acquisition of these essential skills, and comprehend how they will apply these skills to their career and life aspirations.

Gulshan Rohilla

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4 Weeks,2x a Week

How does a Multi-Day Course work?

A Multi-Day Course meets multiple times over one or more weeks. Learners join the teacher in live video chat sessions at scheduled times. Outside of these sessions, they can take part in a classroom discussion group and message the teacher directly. Longer courses create more opportunities: real-time activities, engaging projects, and interaction with diverse classmates from other states and countries.
40 Minutes Class Duration
1-8 Kids Class Size
Ages 11-18 Age Range
Rs. 3398 Total* Price Per Learner (Rs)

Available Times

Sun, Jan 16 - Feb 6

4 Weeks,2x a Week
10:00 PM - 10:40 PM

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Class Experience

the lesson will demonstrate 10 essential soft skills in a presentation format. Students will be asked to actively engage in the class discussion, make connections to their own experiences, and relate those experiences to the subject matter. The information will be delivered through instructional talks, open-ended questions, internet video references, GIFs or occasional memes, and a final review game. We will discuss 10 soft skill topics while examining, fact-finding, and putting these soft skills into perspective.

We will navigate further into why these skill topics matter most in today's evolving world. The 10 skill topics we will discuss are; Communication, Attitude, Time Management, Appearance & Etiquette, Character, Diversity & Culture, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Service Excellence, and Personal Leadership. The class structure is collaborative. One-on-one enrollments are welcomed, will meet as scheduled, and are collaborative amongst the instructor and learner.

The training is meant to be both thought-provoking and insightful. The lesson will be learner-centered where the instructor’s primary role is to coach and facilitate learning and overall comprehension of the material. Prior knowledge of soft skills is not required however, students are encouraged to research the provided reading materials prior to class, make connections, share experiences, and give scenarios that reflect the material discussed throughout the lesson. By exploiting various studies that examine the need for soft skills in university, work, and everyday-life situations, we will learn, by best practice, how we can develop and strengthen our soft skills. The grand finale game will be a fun take on my personal favorite hit-TV game show which will test the students' knowledge of what they have learned from the lesson.

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I have more than 14 years of overall work experience and 7 years of experience in leading projects in the field of skill development and creating sustainable livelihoods. I have been instrumental in promoting education, employability and empowerment in the field of Skill development initiatives in Odisha’s most backward and LWE affected districts.

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Learners will develop their knowledge of soft skills and demonstrate their understanding of 10 soft skills topics. Learners will be introduced to practices and theories of soft skills training throughout the lesson by analyzing data, responding to open-ended questions, applying their understanding by participating in activities, and learner-led discussions.

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Gulshan Rohilla

About Me

I have more than 14 years of overall work experience and 7 years of experience in leading projects in the field of skill development and creating sustainable livelihoods.
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