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Phonics, Reading & Writing for Preschool & Kindergarten (Age 9-12 years)

Multi-day class

In this ongoing phonics class, your student will learn beginning reading skills by blending, reading and writing words

Sakshi Agarwal

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4 Weeks,2x a Week

How does a Multi-Day Course work?

A Multi-Day Course meets multiple times over one or more weeks. Learners join the teacher in live video chat sessions at scheduled times. Outside of these sessions, they can take part in a classroom discussion group and message the teacher directly. Longer courses create more opportunities: real-time activities, engaging projects, and interaction with diverse classmates from other states and countries.
45 Minutes Class Duration
1-8 Kids Class Size
Ages 9-12 Age Range
Rs. 3611 Total* Price Per Learner (Rs)

Available Times

Mon, Jan 17 - Feb 13

4 Weeks,2x a Week
7:40 AM - 8:25 AM

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Class Experience

In this on-going class, the beginning readers will work on learning to sound out and read CVC words. There will be a story to read, a chance to help find the CVC words ending in the word family of the week such as -at (cat, rat, fat, hat, bat, Pat), practice writing the words/matching word to picture. After class, a booklet will be sent to the readers for extra practice.

Reading is an absolute, fundamental skill! Therefore, it is imperative to teach young children how to read in an engaging and stimulating way so they are not only excited to read but also foster a love for reading that will last into their adult years. 

Students will be focused on learning basic phonics and phonemic awareness skills that are essential to reading success. These lessons will be done through oral activities and games that the students play during our lessons. All of these lessons are done through wordplay games that move at a quick pace in order to keep students engaged. Each activity is designed in order to keep students' attention focused. 

Week 1: Introductions and name activities - letter-sound knowledge

Week 2: Rhyming

Week 3: Syllables

Week 4: Beginning Sounds


Your child should be able to recognize their ABC's and be working on writing them.

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I have a degree in elementary education and have experience with elementary grades 1st-5th. I taught 3rd grade for 2 years .

notebook and pencil

not required


Students will be able to blend and read CVC words.Students will be able to write CVC words.Students will be able to understand rhyming.

After every session worksheet will provided.

will be assessed after the class

nothing as such.


Sakshi Agarwal

About Me

hello Sakshi I work as an English teacher. I love teaching because I can help others improve their skills.
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